Company Overview

WIM Resource – Think Ahead, Move Ahead

WIM Resource Pty Ltd (WIM) is an Australian company and an emerging major producer of zircon, rare earth minerals, and ilmenite. WIM has an extensive resource portfolio across four different projects – comprising a cumulative resource inventory of around 1 billion tonnes of ore.

WIM's flagship Avonbank Mineral Sands Project (Avonbank Project), north of Horsham in Victoria, is at an advanced stage of development, with a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) and Approvals pathway well advanced. WIM plans to commence construction by 2024, subject to final approvals and finance.

The Avonbank Project has Proven and Probable Reserves that underpin a mine life of 30 years, a low strip ratio and high zircon content. The recent successful completion of a demonstration plant and test pit has provided a robust foundation for the project to be developed.

Avonbank Project – A World Class Zircon Project

Commencing in April 2019, WIM excavated a test pit, and a large bulk sample of ore for processing through an onsite wet concentrator plant (WCP).

The Avonbank demonstration plant is a sign of the commitment and intent of WIM to bring the Avonbank Project online, coincident with an expected decrease in global zircon supply. The demonstration plant is completed and the test pit and demonstration plant area rehabilitated, with an initial crop harvested.

The Avonbank Project has a Total Ore Reserve of 311.8 million tonnes @ 4.3% total heavy mineral (THM) (JORC 2012, Proven and Probable), and a high zircon and rare earth content.