Broad Overview

The Wedderburn HMS Project is held 100% by WIM Resource EL (4912) and covers a surface area of approximately 93 km2 . Following the completion of two phases of drilling in 2014 & 2015  - WIM developed a fresh geological model. The updated Global Mineral Resource Estimate for Wedderburn is 223Mt @ 2.9% THM (JORC 2012, Indicated & Inferred).

Location & Infrastructure

The Wedderburn project is centered approximately 25 km north east of the township of Charlton, Victoria. The project area is serviced by:

  • Existing roads
  • Existing water supply & power related infractructure
  • Port options readily accessible through local and regional rail


Local Geology

The bulk of the mineralisation at Wedderburn is hosted within a lower energy, sub-wave base depositional environment within the Loxton Parilla Sands.

Detailed cross section interpretation completed by WIM led to the development of a 'stacked sequence' model - whereby it is interpreted that there have been several phases of marine transgression and regression - resulting in several offshore and poorly developed foreshore sands deposited in a stacked sequence. The local geology of the Wedderburn project appears to be controlled by several basement structural features - including a major fault and a complex intrusive history - and WIM has interpreted these to control the RL (depth) of the mineralisation across the project area.

Above: Generalised Cross Section for the Wedderburn Central Block of the resource (see below dh location plan for reference: AB is the most northern drill line within the central shallow block)


JORC Resource

In 2015, WIM engaged mining experts Optiro Pty Ltd to undertake a resource estimate update for the project. The Global Mineral Resource Estimate for Wedderburn is 223Mt @ 2.9% THM (JORC 2012, Indicated & Inferred). Within the central block, the resource contains 94mt @ 3.1%  and contains 23.5% Zircon - coupled with a stip ratio of 0.5:1 - the Wedderburn Project is shaping up to me an attractive addition to WIM's expanding resource portfolio.

Table below outlines the 2015 Resource Estimate (by area and domain), reported above a cut-off grade of 1% THM


Work Completed

A summary of work completed by WIM :
  • WIM has completed approximately 4000m of air core drilling within the past 24months (as shown below);
  • Detailed mineralogy on drill composites HM sinks, was conducted by Mineral Sands Specialist  Laboratory - Diamantina and VHM size distribution test work was conducted by ALS Mineralogy, Perth;
  • Detailed review of geophysics and the development of a well constrained geological model; and
  • In 2015 - the upgrade of the resource estimated to part Indicated and the definition of shallow, higher grade areas for further work

Above: Location Plan - WIM drilling and the approximate outline of the resource blocks

Project Status

Resource Estimate completed in 2015. Resource Development Studies have commenced.