Stavely Block 10 Project - EL 6873


In October 2018, following a competitive tender process - WIM was awarded Block 10 (EL6873). WIM proposes to explore for copper, gold and other prospective metals in the southern part of the Stavely Arc (see map below - areas shaded in pink is Block 10).


WIM proposes that the work program will include:

  • using geophysical exploration techniques to further develop & constrain a range of targets - such as ground magnetic surveys and helicopter or drone based surveys
  • low impact air core drilling (75mm diameter drill holes) - likely on public road verges as an initial first pass
  • developing a geological model & understanding of the geology


  • WIM's stakeholder liaison officer & project manager will engage directly with any affected landholders, should works need to be undertaken on their properties or nearby
  • WI has established a free call community information hotline is available: 1800 959 298 
  • A community feedback mechanism will be established for any complaints of questions, regarding exploration works - once the EL is granted
  • A 6 monthly newsletter will be distributed to impacted stakeholders, council's and relevant community groups 
  • WIM's team will engage with local council's, Wimmera Development Association and other community groups
  • Display Stavely Block 10 information at WIM's  stand at the Wimmera Field Days - as part of its community engagement & education system
  • Exploration will be low impact, particularly for geophysical surveys which typically do not lead to ground disturbance

WIM Resource acknowledges & is thankful for the contribution of the Victorian State Government in providing co-funding to a portion of the proposed exploration - via the TARGET GRANT initiative.