WIM has three core HMS Projects:  Avonbank, Wedderburn & Bungalally - which form a Global Resource Inventory of nearly 1 Billion Tonnes of ore. Each project is well serviced by local & regional infrastructure, including: existing rail, power supply, surface water supply, roads & operational bulk & containerised ports.

Avonbank - World Class

The Avonbank Project is WIM's flagship HMS project - with a mineral resource of 490 million tonnes @ 4.0% THM (JORC 2012, Measured, Indicated & Inferred). Key metrics include:

  • 30 year mine life

  • conventional dry mineral sands mining
  • conventional spiral separation 
  • standard MSP
  • >80% of Zircon product meets premium ceramic grade specifications (>66.5% ZrO2+Hf) and very low Fe2O3 and TiO2

  • Rare Earth product is premium quality and meets downstream specifications

  • Low CAPEX - due to existing power, water supply and a rail loading facility in centre of project and direct mine site to port access - via a dedicated rail line 
  • Will produce upwards of 400,000 tonnes of HMC per annum

  • Low trash mineral assemblage >70% VHM


The Wedderburn HMS Project a shallow lying HMS deposit, with a low strip ratio. WIM has completed over 6000m of air core drilling and has defined a mineral resource estimate of 223 Million Tonnes of Ore, containing 2.9% THM (JORC 2012, Indicated & Inferred). Key attributes of the Wedderburn project include:

  • shallow mineralisation - with ore from surface in some areas of the deposit

    >70-80% VHM in the mineral assemblage

  • nearby to exisitng rail & road infsratructure & regional Ports


The Bungalally HMS project is shallow lying HMS project - with over 20% Zircon. The project is located 10km south of Horsham. WIM has completed three air core drilling programs, assays and detailed mineraogical studies. In 2015 WIM defined a Maiden Mineral Resource for Bungalally: 207 Million Tonnes of Ore, containing 2.7% THM (JORC 2012, Inferred).

Key attributes of the Wedderburn project include:

  • shallow mineralisation over much of the project area - low strip ratio

  • Higher grade south areas containing +3% THM

  • Mineralogical studies indicate +80% VHM - including 21% Zircon

  • nearby to exsiting infrastructure: rail, roads, power, water & several major Ports