Health, Safety & Environment

WIM Resource Pty Ltd (WIM) is committed to providing a safe workplace and operational environment for all stakeholders. The health & safety of all stakeholders forms WIM's central operating focus when conducting exploration activities.

In addition to health & safety - WIM is committed to the protection of the local environment and aims to mitigate any impacts that exploration many have on local water bodies, flora & fauna. WIM will always aim to rehabilitate any area affected by exploration to the best of our ability.

Health & Safety

  • all stakeholders to work together in to create a safe working environment
  • being proactive in all activities – planning, take five booklets and risk assessments
  • reporting any near misses or safety incidents through a safety management system


  • assessing a project area for significant cultural features and following necessary due diligence procedures
  • Engage with local stakeholders
  • conducting an assessment for endangered communities of flora or fauna
  • gaining the necessary statutory approvals required to conduct various types of exploration

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