Company Overview

WIM Resource - An Emerging Major Player

WIM Resource Pty Ltd (WIM) is an emerging major producer of Zircon, Rare Earths & Ilmenite.

WIM's flagship Avonbank Heavy Mineral Sands Project is currently at a Demonstration Plant & Test Pit stage - as input for final optimisation. The Avonbank Project has Proven & Probable Reserves to underpin a mine life of 30 years.

WIM owns three individual  JORC 2012 compliant mineral resources: Avonbank, Wedderburn & Bungalally deposits -  totalling a cumulative resource inventory of near 1 Billion Tonnes of ore.  This Tier 1 resource portfolio has positioned WIM to be a major player in the long term.

WIM has an exploration portfolio comprising the Quambatook Project, which has significant HMS potential. WIM also has been granted Stavely Block 10 licence, which will be principally for Au/Cu exploration.


WIM as undertaken a test pit April 2019 and excavated ore for processing through an on-site Wet Concentration Plant. The Avonbank Demonstration Plant is a sign of the commitment and intent of WIM to bring the Avonbank Project on line, co-incident with an expected decrease in global Zircon supply. 


  • Total Ore Reserve 311.8 Million tonnes @ 4.3% Total Heavy Mineral (THM)
  • Ore Reserves underpin 30-year mine life
  • Proven Reserves of 220.4 Mt @ 4.4% THM
  • Probable Reserves of 91.4Mt @ 4.0% THM
  • Total Valuable Heavy Mineral (VHM) suite: 73.5% VHM
  • High Zircon content of 20% - premium ceramic grade quality
  • Rare Earth content of 2.6% - premium quality 55% TREO


  • Mineral resource of  490 million tonnes @ 4.0% THM (JORC 2012, Measured, Indicated & Inferred) 

  • Contains > 300Mt @ 4.3% THM classified as Measured (JORC 2012) 


  • Has an in-situ Zircon content of 1.1% for years 1-15 mine path (23% Zircon in HM) 
  • Consistent ultra-high-grade zones >28% Zircon & 4% Rare Earths (relative to HM)


  • Zircon product meets premium specifications (>66.5% ZrO2+Hf) and very low Fe2O3 and Al2O2 -  as required by major downstream users

  • Successfully produced a high grade Rare Earth Carbonate, of very high quality

  • Successfully produced good quality chloride grade slag & high purity metal


The Wedderburn HMS Project is an early stage exploration project, key features of the project include:

  • estimated mineral resource of 223 million tonnes @ 2,9% THM (JORC 2012, Indicated & Inferred).

  • Higher grade (+3% THM) and shallow zones (strip ratio of < 1:1) in some areas of the deposit

  • Premium, low trash mineral assemblage - +80% VHM

  • Nearby to existing power, water, rail & road infrastructure & several major ports


The Bungalally HMS project is at a resource definition stage. It is consistent with WIM's other projects: high zircon, high rare earths and high VHM and very well located with respect to existing critical infrastructure.

WIM has completed three drilling programs and detailed assays and mineralogy. Key features of the project include:

  • Mineral Resource Estimate of 205Mt @ 2.7% THM (JORC 2012, Inferred)

  • Shallow mineralisation over much of the project area - with some higher grade zones (+3% THM) that have a strip ratio of <1:1 (waste to ore)

  • nearby to existing infrastructure: rail, roads, power, water & several major Ports


The Quambatook HMS project is at an exploration stage. Early drill results are very positive and it appears consistent with WIM's other projects: high zircon, high rare earths and high VHM and very well located with respect to existing critical infrastructure. The Quambatook project is located some 50k due north of WIM's existing Wedderburn HMS project.


In late October 2018, WIM was awarded the sole right to apply for Block 10 of the Stavely Initiative. This followed a competitive Stavely Tender process based on technical, stakeholder & financial merit, completed in August 2018. WIM proposes to explore for copper, gold and other metals in the southern part of the Stavely Arc, over block 10 which covers approximately 750km2.

WIM has now been awarded the EL and has undertaken a series of Community Engagement sessions.The WIM technical team have already developed a number of exciting exploration targets, which will be assessed via a staged approach, involving geophysical surveys and reconnaissance drilling. WIM is delighted to have been recognised by the State Government, as the highest ranked applicant and are looking forward to exploring Block 10.

Further information can be found via other Stavely project pages of this web site and via :