Avonbank EES & Project Approvals

EES Overview

The Avonbank Project is currently at an approvals stage, which WIM expects may take up to two years to complete. 

The main project approval is required from the State Government, under the Environmental Effects Act (EES Act), this requires WIM Resources to assess all of the environmental, social & eocnomic impacts of the Avonbank Project and provide all stakeholders the oppportunity for input & comment.

In July 2019, WIM made a Referral to the State Minister for Planning, under the EES Act. Click the for a copy of the project referral: Avonbank EES Referral

In September 2019, the Minister decided that an EES would be required for the Avonbank Project. Click here for a copy of the Ministers Decision: Avonbank EES - Ministers Decision



WIM has been undertaking several baseline studies, including air quality, radiation, groundwater, flora & fauna, soils, rehabilitation and once completed will exhibit these studies, as well as many other studies, including transport, infrastructure, social, economic, cultural heritage